Aug 14

WESS Link added under Training/Safety

AT1 Laqua requested a link to WESS (Web Enabled Safety System). Done! You can find it topside under the Training / Safety menu.

Keep the requests coming! And don’t forget to click that Donate button in the top right if you want the site to stay alive 🙂 web hosting aint free y’know.


Jul 19

JDRS Added! And a slight remodeling of the Linkbar!

As requested by AT1 Medrano, JDRS is now available on the LinkBar under the NEW Maintenance/QA Menu!

With adding the New Maintenance/QA I am moving some things around so they fit better.. Might take a lil to get everything where it needs to go logically as I dont really use all the sites listed (hint: if something needs to be moved to Maint/QA, let me know.)

Along with the new Maintenance/QA menu, I have removed the Forums link… nobody used it anyways so no big loss.

Feel free to post in the About NavyLink section or email me directly via the global for any new additions you would like to see!


Jul 13

New CSM (CeTARS) Link

Since CSM has been added to the main menu of CeTARS and works faster than the traditional “green screen” for most every-day activities I have added it as a sub item of the CeTARS link under training/safety. The original CeTARS link still works and will take you to the main page, the new CSM sub-menu link will take you directly to CSM.

I will also be adding a link to Bupers on the left hand side under Quick Links.

Have a Fine Navy Day!

Apr 19

DDSN Tracker Added!

AT2 Ulibarri sent in a request for a new link to the “Distribution Standard System (DSS) – MRO Tracking System” (DSS-MRO) that our fine friends use to track orders made in NALCOMIS via their DDSN.

You can find the site link here:

And you can find it in the main linkbar under Supply -> DDSN Tracker (DSS-MRO)

Thanks for the suggestion AT2!


Mar 17

Fast & accurate Brag Sheets are easier than ever now!

AT1 Kelsey, out of FRCNW, created a website that allows sailors to quickly log their daily accomplishments and use those “brags” to write brag sheets, to avoid the ages old problem of “I don’t know what I did this year… what do I put on my eval?” or “I had a running brag sheet, but I washed it with my uniform”. It is available at

This should help everyone from LPOs to Junior Airmen get the most out of their Brag Sheet to ensure the best competition come eval rankings.  Thanks for the link AT1 Kelsey!

As always, Have a Fine Navy Day!